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10 Questions to ask your Landscape Contractor

  1. Are you fully insured?

    • Yes! We carry full general liability coverage. We also require any subcontractors that we use to be insured.

  2. Do you offer warranties?

    • We are 100% proud of and confident in our services and offer warranties on our work. However, we do not warranty items that are beyond our control (for example: a freeze killing plants or a natural stone cracking)

  3. Am I able to make changes once work has begun?

    • Yes. We understand that different thoughts and ideas pop up once you start to see your new landscape take form. Maybe an additional pathway now makes sense or the patio could be a bit bigger. Things like this often arise and we are happy to adjust as we go, however keep in mind that the changes may lead to additional costs for time and/or materials. 

  4. What specific landscaping services do you offer? 

    • Outdoor design, clear and grade, build, and installation that account for drought tolerance, wildlife habitats, runoff and drainage issues, irrigation, lighting. We build outdoor kitchens, firepits, poolscapes, decks, patios, and more. Basically anything you dream of for your outdoor space we can make it happen.

  5. How long have you been in the landscaping business, and what types of projects have you worked on? 

    • Seedlings was established in 2009, offering eco-friendly landscape maintenance. We have since evolved to work solely on landscape design and installation/construction as our focus. We’ve worked on custom outdoor kitchen spaces to tailored pool decks to meandering pathways throughout a property. 

  6. Can you share examples of your previous landscaping projects? 

    • Of course! You can find our portfolio on the website along with client testimonials. We are also more than happy to send photos of specific projects if requested.

  7. How do you approach sustainability and eco-friendly practices in your landscaping projects? 

    • We try to suggest native plants as much as possible. We also are constantly educating ourselves to keep up with the local climate and new breeds of plants that can withstand the changing weather better. We suggest and use locally-sourced materials for our projects whenever we can to build up our community and cut down on our carbon footprint. We work with the existing landscape, rather than against it. Examples include things such as: redirecting water runoff to a rain garden or reducing grass that requires a lot of  water to maintain, with drought tolerant plants or other materials.

  8. Can you provide a detailed estimate for the proposed work?  

    • Our client proposal will be broken down to include details on each part of your project (ex: Clear & Grade, Stairs, Deck, Walkway, Plants, Soil and Mulch, etc.) along with the estimated total and taxes.. 

  9. Will there be a point of contact throughout the duration of the project? 

    • Absolutely. We have a dedicated project manager who will be with you every step of the project. 

  10. How do payments work? 

    • Depending on how far out the project is we will either require a 50% deposit (for projects beginning within a month) or a 10% deposit to hold your spot on our calendar and then an additional 40% deposit (for projects scheduled further out) prior to the start of your project and before we start ordering materials. The remaining balance will be due upon completion of the project. On occasion, with larger projects, we will bill as specific phases are completed.

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