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Cedar Park - Kodiak

This was a remodel. They had installed a pool and had about two acres in which they wanted a design that incorporated wild space, wildflowers and other plants for wildlife. We did a lot with water runoff and created two creeks on the property to guide water and help with some of the pooling and erosion they were experiencing. We used a lot of different types of stone in the creeks to create a more natural look. In the wild space we added several trees to replace ones lost in the drought. Then in the more manicured space we created a few large beds with a Texas meets mediterranean them for the plantings. We incorporated a walkway to two separate seating areas in the yard - one nestled under a grove of trees looking back up at the pool and one away from trees to create space for a fire pit. Then we built a funky shaped veggie garden. We also welded a few planters on the pool deck and filled and planted everything.

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