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Cirlce C Hielscher - Lafitte

This client came to us to add curb appeal and plantings around their newly renovated pool. They plan to stay in the house until their kids graduate from high school in about five years and wanted something functional to look good while they're in the house. They also want to keep an eye on how it would perform when selling the home. We removed the standard concrete entry and replaced it with a more modern entry that leads to a pathway to the backyard. We addressed some drainage issues of erosion due to lack of gutters and pooling in the side yard by adding large gravel where the water hits the ground and a rain garden to slow and direct the runoff. We also added plantings in the front and back that work with the sunlight and climate that really frame the entry and pool areas. We also replaced the St Augustine in the front with a more drought tolerant Zoysia grass.

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