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Rosedale - Finley

Designed by Green Eye Studios, this was a remodel done by Barley Pfeiffer Architects. The yard grading needed to be changed because the house had flooded in the past and the backyard sloped towards the house. Green Eye Studios designed a retaining wall of limestone quary blocks (the big stones) and 8" limestone dry stack. We graded everything between the house and the retaining walls with a 1" drop for every 4' so that the water would quickly run away from the house. We installed a french drain all along the wall to catch all that water and then routed it around the house to flow out to the grass in the front yard. In the front, there was a significant grade change between the yard and the street. We pulled back the grade and installed another limestone quary block wall with a small bed and walkway in front. Additionally, the original sidewalk was removed and we installed a new walkway to the entry.

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