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Tarrytown - Greenlee

The client wanted a more cohesive yard that connected all of their doors to the yard while also creating a seating area. In addition, she wanted a fireplace, pizza oven, some places to grow food and a bit of privacy. We had seen this pizza oven at the TNLA expo and got the information from the company. The structure is a kit made in San Antonio that came with the option to add the pizza oven. It seemed perfect for what we were looking for. We formed up the fireplace and their matching kitchen kit and used the brick veneer for the exterior. It was the perfect solution for the client's needs. In addition our masons customized the pizza oven with some of the patio stone to make it look that much better. We created a trellis all around the back yard where we'll be growing vines. We added some little veggie gardens in some of the sunniest parts of her yard and designed plants for the other bed spaces. The patio ties everything together to make this yard the perfect party spot.

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